21 Photos That Show Many Animals Are Way Bigger Than We Think

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We often hear about the biggest animals that would easily tower over humans twice, thrice, and some even ten times. But how big, exactly, are they?

Let’s take the blue whale, which is known as one of the largest animals ever to exist. Imagine: the largest ever measured 110 feet long. If that doesn’t ring a bell just yet, think of it as longer than 2 packed school buses that seat 40 people each. It’s also longer than 18 grown men of 6 feet laid head to toe with each other.

If your head is spinning, right down below is a collection of animal photos that put their size into perspective and do the "just imagine" part for us. From very large Maine coons to gigantic Siberian tigers, these are the big boys and girls of the animal kingdom.


1. Clydesdales

2. A Bison's Head

3. An Elephant Seal

4. A Great Dane

5. A Lions Head

6. Salt Water Crocodile

7. A Whale's Skull

8. A Bear's Paw

9. A Harpy Eagle Talons

10. A Hammerhead Bat

11. A Leatherback Turtle

12. A Lions Paw

13. A Whale Fin Next To The Entire Skeleton Of A Human

12. A Crocodile

13. A Bald Eagle

14. Horse Lungs

15. A Siberian Tiger

16. A Polar Bear Paw

17. A Giant African Land Snail

18. A Wombat

19. A Great Dane's Paw

20. A Blue Whale's Skull

21. A Whale's Heart
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